Google Adsense is a very bad ads network program.

Bad Ads Network Program

Let me present you some facts. You will be sure.

AdSense is causing harm to the advertisers and is being filled in the pockets of the fraudsters.

People may be earning millions but I also have some experience for Adsense.

This is a website that comes in Google News. What do you think when you see this?

This website updates the fake news, yet there is no difference on Google.

This Adsense account belongs to the website where all the policies of Google are being followed, yet the ads limit is imposed.

Look at this website, we have surrounded some areas with circles. These are all fake click links which are meant to increase traffic to the website.

Take a look at this website. This post is updated every month. While everyone knows that Kisan Samman Nidhi comes only 3 times in a year.

Your Page!

Publiser is shown the dream of earning millions through Adsense. But you can see the punishment for being honest.

If you cheat with Google then Google will not be able to do anything. To be honest, this is what happened to me.

Some of the websites shown in the story are illustrative. I am not against them because thousands of bloggers are doing this.

It is also important to understand one thing that whatever is shown in the story is the truth.